Pecans in Abundance!




Our family has indeed been blessed in the past year. Our daughter, Emma, and her husband, Matt, gave us our first grandchild – Wilder. We have learned that good health is a gift to appreciate daily and we are especially grateful for a healthy family. We are also thankful to have a bountiful pecan crop and a new shelling plant for the processing of our pecans. Our son, Tom, has spent the last several months designing and relocating our old shelling plant to the farm. The move and the upgrade make our shelling operation more time and cost efficient. The demand for organic pecans continues to grow in the US and European markets and our new website is finally up and running! Proudly, we have a certified organic pecan farm, shelling plant, and coffee roasting/cooking facility. Whew! Life on the farm is in high gear!

We are especially excited for our pecans to be in the New York Times Holiday Gift Guide for 2015. Tom had the idea of growing our pecans organically in 2010. That does not mean that you just hope your trees have a good year on their own; it takes a new way of thinking and a new way of managing your crop. Weed control, fertilization, insect control and other pest management practices must all be in accordance with USDA organic standards, which can make organic farming very difficult and much more costly. Trial and error, creative thinking, hard work and patience are all part of our daily routine. Thank you Tom for being so diligent with your goals!

Our son, Cleve, has also started working to help expand our “Morning By Morning” coffee roasting business and logistics for our mail order division. He has been busy helping to get us set up and ready for a busy Holiday season. It is our goal to find unique ways to give back to coffee regions as well as support mission projects in the USA through our coffee sales. We would love for our coffee to be a part of your Holiday gift giving, church mission projects, and other fundraising mission ventures.

Check out this short video of our pecans being harvested. It will give you an idea of how our nuts travel from the tree and through the harvesting process, shelling and grading systems, and wind up in a box with you in mind! Our Pecans: From the Tree to the Bag