Caffeine Crunch

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Our original Caffeine Crunch was the winner of the Specialty Coffee Association of America 2011 People’s Choice and Best New Food Product Awards! We started with outstanding Guatemalan green coffee
beans, roasted them to full-flavor perfection and coated them with our exclusive blend of organic dark chocolates. We discovered an upscale crunchy treat that leaves every true coffee lover delighted and craving for more!

We have recently added two new additions to our Caffeine Crunch line..
Our Caffeine Crunch Dark is a delectable 74% organic chocolate paired with a Dark Roasted Honduras Coffee Bean with notes of milk chocolate, hints of cherry and honey.

Our Caffeine Crunch Frost is not certified organic. However, we use an organic Sumatran coffee with notes of creamy milk chocolate and caramel. We pair this exceptional tasting coffee bean with a delicious upscale white chocolate for a coffee with cream and sugar effect.